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Feng Shui Bracelet

Feng Shui Bracelet

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💰 Get Sudden Windfall Wealth & Luck with Feng Shui Bracelet💰 

2-in-1 functional Feng Shui Bracelet, not only an elegant, decorative piece of jewellery, but also effectively attracts wealth & luck. Beautifully crafted with gold alloy & hand sculpted details, is a must have in your jewellery collection. With Powerful Chinese Talisman Pixiu & Black Obsidian, promises significant attraction to luck & enhance of your spirit. Makes you feel never as energised. Crafted with elastic fishing line, guarantee durable & fits all. 


  • Windfall Wealth & Luck💰
    Powerful Chinese Talisman Pixiu & Black Obsidian in one bracelet. Promises attraction & attainment of wealth & luck. 
  • Health & Spirit Enhancement💰
    Black Obsidian is effective in protecting mental & spiritual health. Enhances individuals’ energy while prevent mental attacks & absorbs negative energy. Specially effective for elderly & people who feels tired at all times. 
  • Enhance Social Connections💰
    Attracts better trust from business partners & clienteles, therefore getting more money-achieving projects & sales. “Must haves” for all business people.
  • Repels Bad Luck💰
    Helps avoids downfall of fortunes & well-being. Tides you through tougher times, especially when business is on verge of collapse.
  • 2-in-1 Function💰
    Crafted with gold alloy & hand sculpted details. Made this bracelet not only an amulet but also an attractive decoration to spark up your looks. 
  • One Size Fits All💰
    Crafted with elastic fishing line, guarantee durable & fits all wrist sizes. 
  • Best Gift for Family & Friends💰

✨Tips to Enhanced Efficacy✨

  • Wear bracelet on your dominant hand as it is the inflow of all energy. 
  • When you not wearing, place in living room with Pixiu’s head face towards main door. 
  • Do not place bracelet in bedroom.


  • Size: 8/ 10/ 12/ 14mm
  • Material: Gold Alloy,  Black Obsidian, High Elastic Fishing Line


  • 4/ 8PCS Fung Shui Bracelet
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